You may suddenly find a reason to go delving into your old address books, or looking through old photographs concerning a memory that is very much on your mind. A face from the past may be causing you to rethink the reason for ending the relationship. It may be time to meet again and see if anything has changed, or could change in the future.

Your dreams are important to you and right now you are frustrated because these dreams seem to be standing still. They may even be moving backward. Don't get down on yourself for this. Realize that this backward movement is part of the process.

You have a strong tendency to seek out the truth, and the intensity of this quest can often be wearing on the soul. It is important to alleviate your anxiety, even if you don't recognize it on a conscious level. Deep relaxation ought to be a regular part of your health regimen. Massage, steam bath and sauna are ancient practices designed to relax the body and allow fresh perspectives to invigorate the soul. What have you done for yourself lately in this regard?